Korea Haul 2016

Yes, the long awaited Korea Haul is here! From all things beauty– to all things fashion. It was so surreal getting feedback from you guys, and getting tips and suggestions on what I should post. So epic, I love it! I gathered several (“several”, psh) items from Korea, and I definitely purchased a lot more than I should’ve had. (Hehe)


Plaid Skirt

I purchased this in Dong Dae Mun, and I decided to go for it, even though it wasn’t typically “my style”.  After all, I got it for 5,000 won = less than 5 US dollars! I made it work, surprisingly, when I gave it a more edgy feel with my leather jacket and patent Chelsea boots. Totally digging this look now!

Get the look:

Current Elliot Soho Biker Jacket (in blue)

Plaid Skirt (not the exact but very similar)

Black tee (It’s a mens, but who will notice? :))

Doc Marten’s Chelsea boots


Denim Overall Dress

I got this as a gift from my aunt, but I do know she purchased this in the streets of Hongdae. The t-shirt-under-a-dress trend is very big in Korea, and I’m loving it! The dress is very structured since it is denim, and it keeps a good fit on me. Surprisingly, this doesn’t give off a “farmer feel” with the overalls, and that’s another reason why I’m falling for this get up!

Get the look:

Black tee

Denim Dress (similar not exact)



Blue and White Striped Blouse

Seriously, Sophia. How many button ups do you really need? I got this at Shes Miss, and unfortunately I couldn’t find anything really similar to this. What I love about this is that it’s a rounded neck, and the buttons are covered up by this layer, so the shirt looks very refined and elegant. It’s very lightweight so it wouldn’t necessarily be a problem in the hot summer months.

Get the look:

White and Blue Striped Blouse (closest to similar I could find)

White Distressed Jeans



Off the Shoulder Top

If you follow my instagram, you may have seen this look already! I got this on the streets of Sinchon, and absolutely love this! I’ve been really digging the off the shoulder looks this summer, and this one especially is so comfortable yet stylish. The elastic band at the top lets you move around freely, so this is quite the definition of refined and relaxed.

Get the look:

Navy Blue Shorts (originally from Zara, but not sold anymore. Similar, not exact)

Off the Shoulder top (similar, not exact)



Bell Sleeved Dress

To be quite honest, I don’t remember the name of this style, so if you do, let me know in the comments! Neither do I know if this is supposed to be a dress or a long skirt. My senses told me that it’s a dress, but to play it safe with shorts underneath. So that’s what I did! I love the simplicity yet the complexity of this, with the patterns and the tassels. A lot’s going on here, yet so little. Does that make sense? I purchased this in Hongdae, and I’m glad I did! I could see myself wearing this on quick trips to the beach, there’s so little effort involved in this piece.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any similar dresses since I don’t exactly know the name of the style, but you can find a similar pair of my shoes here.


Cold Shoulder Blouse

This purchase was a mistake, on my behalf. I shouldn’t have purchased American branded clothing in foreign countries! They’re so expensive! But I couldn’t resist this shirt. It drew my attention almost immediately and I had to buy it, or I’d die. I fell in love with this baby blue color, and the cutouts all over the shirt. It’s to die for.

Get the look:

Cold Shoulder Blouse

Bengaline Shorts



Green Off the Shoulder Dress

I wore this outfit in one of my earlier posts, and it was so comfortable and elegant! Again, the off the shoulder style is in play and I absolutely love everything about this piece. I mentioned before that green isn’t what I’m usually drawn to, but the darker shade with the white gave more of a “why not?”. The risk paid off because I’m such a sucker for this dress now!

Get the look:

Off the Shoulder Dress (similar not exact)

White Sandals


Drawstring Black Shorts

I got these shorts from a store, Claude.N, and they’re a little long for my preference, but it’s comfortable and chic. They’re very baggy so airflow is nice, and it’s really breezy as you wear them.

Get the look:

Lace Shirt – PacSun

Black Shorts



Banila Co Clean it Zero (I got the deluxe size)

I’m sure many of you guys are familiar with this product or at least heard of it sometime on your Youtube ventures. Clean it Zero is a balm that is solid in the container, but once you scoop it out with the spoon provided, it melts in your hands! You lather it all over your face, and that silky feeling of the balm literally wipes off every bit of makeup. I cannot emphasize this enough, it takes off everything without all the hassle. I could give this a 10/10.


Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

Initially, I thought this was hairspray of some sort, but I was very wrong, haha. The nozzle at the end of the can disperses this mousse-like textured glob and you apply it onto your face like a regular face mask. It claims to benefit the pores, but I only used it once so I didn’t develop an honest opinion on this product just yet. What I love is that it doesn’t crack when dried, and it leaves a very soft finish.


Gel Face Pack

This mask came along with the mousse, and it was certainly an eye-catcher. The cooling mask is to be placed in a refrigerator prior to using it, and it help with blood circulation around your face and also for your pores! I haven’t tried this out yet, but very eager to!


Hello Kitty Fan

This is probably one of the coolest items I purchased. It’s a mini fan you attach to your battery port on your phone, and it cools you off! This was so nice to use during my sweltering hot trips in Korea, and it gave me a nice cool breeze.


Face Masks

Of course, I wouldn’t leave Korea without purchasing nearly 50 face masks. What I love is that it’s so cheap there– nearly 1 US dollar! The quality is better, more benefits provided, and it’s such a steal.

Hope you enjoyed!

As always,



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  1. Hey Sophia I love this post. You look gorgeous in these pictures 😍😁. Cant wait to see another post about Panorama!!


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