Seoul State of Mind – Outfit 7/30/16

My stay here in Korea so far has been so unbelievable. What I love so much about this place is the culture. There’s culture everywhere and I think that’s so beautiful. There’s so much to do here that although you may want to lie in bed in your air-conditioned hotel room to escape from the humid and dreadful weather outside, it’s simply not an option.

Outfit Details:


Off The Shoulder Top : I got my top in a boutique called Lucky Factory in Sinchon. I found a very similar top from Zara!

Zara Sailor Shorts (I looked all over the site and I couldn’t find them anywhere!)

Birkenstock Arizona

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I traveled a lot today, and I’ve visited several places. We started the trip in Namsan, after to Ilsan, and then to Sinchon!

Namsan Tower

Namsan Tower is one of the tallest building in South Korea! There is an option to hike up to the tower, but we were definitely not up for walking in the disgustingly hot weather for about 45 minutes. So, we took the easy way out and rode a cable car.

The cable car brings you up to the tower in about 2-3 minutes, and on your way up/down, you can see some beautiful views of Seoul. I guess I could say that it may be scary for people who fear heights, but I love heights so it was a very entertaining experience for me.

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look at me cheesin so hard

One of the best things about Korea is the street food. Although we weren’t on the “streets” of Korea, at the tower site, there were shops that sold food and it was my first time trying this! To be honest, I don’t even know what this is called nor do I have any idea how to come up with a name for this. It was delicious, though!

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At Ilsan, my cousin treated me to a trip to the aquarium! He and I had a great reunion, and had a really memorable time during our stay. I haven’t been to an aquarium ever since I was a young child, so it was nostalgic to go there and reminisce of the old times. The place is called Aqua Planet, and it actually doubles as a zoo!

The whole place is very scenic and interactive, and the whole place was so nicely built and put together.

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Sinchon is like the Times Square of New York City. I went during the night time, and actually met up with a longtime friend of mine, and we had so much fun there. Sinchon is home to many, many, many makeup stores and clothing stores, it’s a never ending road of happiness. What I absolutely love about Korea is that the clothes and makeup are cheap, yet they’re such high quality. I could really get used to this.

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So that’s all from my trip today! Stay tuned for more in the next few weeks, I have so much planned. xo


Sophia 🙂


30 thoughts on “Seoul State of Mind – Outfit 7/30/16

  1. Lol too bad we won’t see each other in Korea!
    Btw, the potato on a stick is called 회오리감자 or something to the tune of tornado potato. Last time I got original, but my sister got the one with cheese on it. Which did you get?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Is this 은진? Well I got a potato thing with some seasoning on it, not so sure what it was exactly but it tasted good haha


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