Travel Ready// Make it Easy

I’ve prepared a travel post, again. Although, instead of the typical what’s-in-my-carry-on, I gathered up some tips and tricks that really make my experience easier and more relaxing. (I know how stressful the airport can be)
To start off, sorry for being so inactive! I just landed in Korea about a couple days ago, and I’m still adjusting to this culture, weather (so obnoxiously hot and humid), and time difference. To make up for the lack of posts, be prepared for a lot more in the future! I have so much to talk about and so much to write!

This time in Korea is going to be a new experience for me, since the last time I’ve visited was about 7 years ago. I’ve grown, so maybe I could actually remember my time there, and have better experiences. It’s going to be a long 3 weeks, so get excited!

1. Write down/plan outfits to wear.


You don’t know how easy your mornings will be by doing this! It may sound so tedious and so much effort, but in the long run, it’ll be all worth it! Not only does this save some time during your travels, but it helps you to remember what you brought. With a huge suitcase filled with a never-ending hole of clothes, having your outfits ready will be a lot easier than deciding on that morning on what to wear. It also saves some time while packing, and prevents us from overpacking and bringing “an extra 10 shirts”.

2. Roll, Don’t Fold

I’ve recently discovered this rolling strategy. It looks quite funny in the suitcase, but it saves a lot of space and prevents wrinkles as well! Of course, you’re not going to end up with 100% wrinkle free clothing, but you’re not going to end up with those annoying creases everywhere.

3. Organize!


This might be a given, but unfortunately, there are some people I know that would just throw their toiletries, undergarments, makeup products, hair appliances, and basically everything else into one bag. I use a bunch of different makeup bags for different items to be placed inside. There’s less of a mess, and it’s completely hassle-free.

4. Give Dustbags a Purpose


Dustbags are always just, there. I don’t seem to ever use them, and honestly I haven’t really seen anybody actually use them. I decided to give them a purpose by putting my shoes in there! Honestly, nobody wants their shoes dirtying everything in their suitcase! It’s easy to use and you can have specific bags for specific shoes/styles.

4. “The Extras” Bag


I always carry a bag filled with some items I may need extras of because of the just-in-case-something-happens incidents. I usually carry an extra pair of contacts (you never know), extra lip balm, extra hair ties (you always lose them somehow), and so much more. (You may definitely personalize this to your own liking)

This bag has always been my hero in many, many cases and hopefully one day, yours!

5. Charge on the go


My phone battery absolutely sucks, so this portable charger is perfect for those moments when your phone decides to give up on you.

You don’t want to be crammed by the charging ports at your gate with 10 other people, so this gives you easy access ( 😉 hence the name of the charger) for more juice in your phone.



This is great for when you just want to save a little money. I bring an empty water bottle and after security, I just fill it up with some water. It’s better than spending $10 on a water, no? Haha.

7. Wear your bulky clothing


You don’t want to spend all your time trying to make some space in your suitcase, so wearing your bulkier clothing to the airport (such as boots, jackets, sweaters), saves some room and weight in your luggage so you can bring more items and clothes on your trip without exceeding the limit.

*featured picture was actually taken by me! Haha


24 thoughts on “Travel Ready// Make it Easy

  1. Great post! When I discovered rolling over folding my travel life changed!! Also I met a friend who used bra wash bags to keep shorts in one, shirts in another – made it so easy to get your outfit organised without destroying the organisation in your whole bag!

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  2. Never thought of using the dust bag that way, good tip. A flight stewardess also taught me to put a couple dryer sheets in my bag to keep clothing smelling good (plus you can use them for the dryers in the lady mate.

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