Raves and Faves

Over the years I’ve been collecting makeup, I’ve been testing out some products, and I’ve discovered oh so many goodies that I’ve been loving. On the other hand, of course there were some disappointments, and I’ll be writing about those in another blog. You can read that here. In this one, I’m going to be talking about he holy grails I’ve tried and have been loving continuously.

Tartelette in Bloom Palette – Tarte

Excuse the dirty mirror, haha. But you can tell how much I’ve been loving this because of the damage done here. I can come up with so many great combos for these eyeshadows (Blog coming soon 😉 ) and the consistency of these shadows are unreal. They’re so buttery they just glide on top of your eyelids and there’s little to no fall out. This palette, unlike the Tartelette (the first one) contains 3 luster, or metallic, shades and I’ve been loving them on a spiritual level. The mattes are great, as well. This whole palette in general has such a high quality feel, bravo, Tarte. Nothing but praises for this.

Stila Eye Wonder Palette

My best friend gave this palette to me as a Christmas present last year, and it came in a set along with an eyeliner, gloss, and a cheek palette (scroll down to see). The colors are nicely put together and the shades are in great condition. The second and the third shadows especially are my favorite.

Unfortunately, this product is not for individual sale since it’s a part of a holiday collection, and I’m pretty sure that it’s currently out of stock.

The POREfessional – Benefit

I received this product as a sample and once I got it, I couldn’t stop using it. The best part? This lasted me about 6 months. A SAMPLE SIZE. I couldn’t believe how much product was in that tiny bottle. This definitely blurs out the appearance of your pores, and leaves your face matte and silky. The silky surface provides a great base for foundation, concealer, and believe it or not, eyeshadow as well! Remember that a little goes a long way with this primer and it’s great.

Get Cheeky Palette – Stila

I hit pan on the bronzer in this wonderful palette, and I can tell you that it’s one of the most satisfying things to look at. The bronzer is subtle, and using it with the right brush can definitely give you a summer glow. Personally, I don’t really use highly pigmented pink blushes, so I strayed away from that for a bit. The highlight. THE HIGHLIGHT. My  favorite. A little bit of this goes a looooonnnnnnngggg way. Unlike a couple of highlighters out there, this one keeps a great shine even when blending it as much as you possibly can. The bronzer and the highlight used together gives you the most gorgeous sun-kissed glow. I love this beyond words.

Orgasm Blush – NARS 

Excuse the dirty mirror. Again. I was actually given this product by my aunt, and even she hit pan on this. I don’t really wear blush, but this is unlike any other. Like some of the other products used, a little really goes a long way. Maybe that’s why these products are expensive, who knows. Just the perfect amount gives a subtle highlight and color onto your face. I mentioned before that I don’t really like pink-er shades, but the Orgasm is more coral-ly pink, and it really compliments the skin nicely.

Born This Way Foundation – Too Faced

I mentioned this product in my everyday makeup routine, and I’ve gotten a lot of great feedback off of this one. I definitely definitely recommend this, and honestly I believe it works well with any type of skin. I have very oily skin, and I use this daily and it keeps the oil to a minimum, and if not, I dab on a bit of powder and I’m good. I tried it on someone with dry skin, and it looked great just the same. The oil-free formula is very versatile for different combinations of skin types and it is also infused with coconut water which replenishes moisture in the skin. So I guess it’s a win-win situation?

It’s really lightweight on your skin, yet it provides medium to (almost!) full coverage. I always receive compliments when wearing this, and it honestly looks like you were “born this way” with your glowing, healthy skin. 

It’s really buildable too, without it looking extremely cakey and gross by the end of the day. My skin really improved after using this product and skin is thanking me for it all. Must buy!

Lip Tint – Innisfree

Lip tints are getting really popular lately, especially with the Korean beauty community. I think these are so efficient to use, and especially in the summer months, it feels great to have a stain on your lips rather than a lipstick melting off of your mouth. Personally, I don’t really wear much on my lips anyways, but this lip tint is really nice to use on the days I feel a bit more bold.

The Super Sizer Mascara – Covergirl (WATERPROOF)

This mascara was also seen in my Everyday Makeup Routine, and I can never stop talking about it. The curl holds (which rarely happens with my stubborn straight lashes), I never experience excessive clumping, and it really lengthens my lashes. You can read more praises about this here.

So that’s it for now! I will definitely try to gather up more products for you guys and write about them another time. Stay tuned for future posts!



21 thoughts on “Raves and Faves

  1. You have hit pan on most of the products mentioned😀so I’m pretty sure you love them all.The tartelette palette looks like a dream.Nice post x

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  2. I’ve been eyeballing porefessional for a while now! I’ve been meaning to get myself a sample size since I like to try products before I actually buy them but I’ve been so caught up in other things😯 you’ve convinced me to get it asap!!

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