Everyday Makeup Routine

A “natural” makeup routine. Little does the public eye know how much time and effort you put into your face that day. So keep reading, if you’re interested for some reason.

Born This Way Foundation- Natural Beige – Too Faced

Holllllyyyyy grail. I always cringed at the thought of wearing foundation. Like, a suffocating layer of product on top of your face, clogging your pores. (Sounds pretty disgusting now, haha). But this product is the complete opposite.

I pump only halfway (a little goes a long way) and dot it around my face. Then get a kabuki brush and I blend it thoroughly.

Touche Eclat – Yves Saint Laurent

After I apply the foundation on, I use this concealer pen to cover up blemishes or other problem areas. I use a small and precise concealer brush to help me blend it seamlessly.

Powerproof Brush Liner – Innisfree  

Stay All Day Liner – Stila

After my face is all set, I glide on my winged liner. You cannot BELIEVE how much time it took to perfect this, and quite honestly, it’s still not perfect as of now. The reason I use two different liquid liners is because they are really compatible together. The Stila always has so much product and the black is so pigmented and rich. It’s nice. Then I use the Innisfree liner to draw on the wing. The tip of the brush is very thin and structured, so it’s easy to create a wing sharp enough to stab someone. 😉

Sally Hansen Eyelash Curler

With monolids, it’s a bit harder to find an eyelash curler that would work effortlessly without stabbing your eyelids. (The worst feeling)

For myself, I think this works great with my eye shape and structure, and it keeps a strong curl, which is always a plus!

Super Sizer Mascara – Covergirl (WATERPROOF)

After curling my lashes, I apply the mascara onto my lashes. I start at the bottom of my and work my way up, but I focus the product primarily at the base. (In this way, the lashes are able to stay curled). At first, the wand is tricky to use, but after a couple of uses, it’s very easy to use.

As a person that suffers from straight lashes, I urge waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara contains hydrofuge, and that really assists the structure of the lashes to stay in place at all times.

Best in Faux Lash Extending Fibers – Tarte

And for the last step, I use the fibers right after I apply mascara (apply immediately while mascara is still wet). Basically, the fibers grasp onto the mascara and provide some length. After it attaches on, you apply one more coat of mascara and there is some length and volume added.

*Just watch for the fibers, sometimes they may fall onto your cheeks when applying, and you’re left with a hair-like looking strand on your face. So, I recommend that you check cautiously when finished.


And that’s it! Quite simple, but every now and then I try to experiment with new products so of course it’s not the same every single day. By clicking on the names of the products, I attached links so you can purchase them online!

See you next post,



13 thoughts on “Everyday Makeup Routine

  1. I love this foundation! Tried it once at a make up counter and found it was perfect for most skin types. Awesome post! Check my blog out if you can, feel we would definitely get along in the beauty world ha ha!

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