Avocado Toast

Hey guys! How’re you all doing? Today, I decided to take you along with me as I make my breakfast. Today’s menu: avocado toast.

Ingredients Needed:


-whole wheat bread


-salt, pepper, any other seasoning (I recommend Adobo!)


This recipe is super simple, and you don’t feel terrible after eating it!

First, just start off with taking two pieces of bread, and toast them.

As they continue to toast you want to start making your guacamole.

I know people that aren’t familiar with avocados have difficulties trying to open them, so don’t worry, because I’ll guide you through it together. 🙂

You want to start off by getting a knife and cutting along the sides of the avocado, and once you get around the whole thing, you want to twist it open so it looks like this.

Now, taking out the pit is quite easy, but it takes a little lady power ;). You “stab” the knife into the pit and twist it once again, so as you pull the knife, the pit is stuck on with it. You can discard that.

Okay, so once you’re through, you can cut diagonally in the avocado, and then just grab a spoon to scoop out the remainders.

After you’re done with that, you grab a fork, and you want to mash it all up. (I provided a gif that shows the process).

Once, finished, it may look like this:

I decided I wanted a little kick in the guac for some extra flavor, so I got a 1/2 of a lemon and I squeezed out the juice.

Once finished, just add in your salt, pepper, and/or extra seasonings (Adobo!)


I fried a plain egg, and added a dash of salt and pepper. I realized that I had two slices of bread, so i spread out the egg to make it a little wider than usual, and then I split the egg into two pieces for each of the slices of bread.

Then, just grab your two pieces of toast and SMOTHER your guac alllllll over it. You want to use up most of it, and it tastes absolutely amazing.

Just plop your eggs on top of the two, and you’re finished!

Since I had extra lemon, and it was put to no use I sliced up the remainder and added it to a cold glass of water. It was so refreshing and amped up the taste.

And that’s it! I hope you like this and please give me some feedback, that’d be awesome. See you next post 🙂


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